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10 Ways to Destress After a Long Work Week

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There are many ways that one can become stressed during the week, which is why it is important to find ways to destress at the end of the week. There are many ways to destress, however it is important to find a method (or two) that works best for you.  Ideally, you want to find activities that help you relax and recharge your mental battery for another stressful week. Here are 10 ways you can destress at the end of the week: 

Take a walk outside in nature

There are many reasons why this is an important way to destress at the end of the week. Firstly, taking a walk outside means engaging in physical activity and exercise, which both promote the release of chemicals like serotonin and dopamine that reduce stress and make you feel better. Secondly, walking outside has been shown to increase the induction of alpha waves in the brain, which promotes relaxation.

Spend Time with Family or Friends

There are many benefits to spending time with friends or family members. For example, studies have shown that just 15 minutes of conversation between two people can reduce stress levels by nearly half. Spending time with friends is also important for your emotional health. A study done by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte shows that increased social support can reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke, as well as lower blood pressure.

Listen to Music

One way to destress at the end of the week is to listen to music you enjoy. The positive effects of music can include decreased anxiety and improved mood. It can also be a form of artistic expression and provide an outlet for any emotions that may otherwise be suppressed.

Learn Something New

Learning something new can be a great way to destress at the end of the week and get refreshed and ready for the next work week. Learning something new challenges you in a new way and stimulates your brain, making it more active. You should try to learn something new every day if possible so that you can stay mentally stimulated and avoid becoming bored.


Another way to destress at the end of the week is to meditate. Meditation is a skill that you can learn and that we all possess, yet we don’t always learn how to use it properly or use it often enough. It’s important to remember that even just three minutes of meditation per day will be beneficial for your brain and body and promote relaxation and awareness.

Find an Activity You Enjoy Doing Alone

Having some time to yourself to do something you enjoy is important for your mental health and well-being. For example, spending time by yourself taking a walk or reading a book gives you an opportunity to detach yourself from the stress of your work week and recharge. You should do something that you enjoy doing just by yourself, whether it is listening to music, hiking, or painting. Go out on a walk alone in nature if possible so you can get even more benefits.

Journal Your Emotions 

Journaling your feelings is a common method people use as a way to destress at the end of the week. It is important to acknowledge your feelings without judgement, and an effective way to do this is by stating how you feel at the moment using “I” statements. This may include feeling sad, angry, or anxious. 

Practice Self-Care

There are many ways to destress through self-care. Destressing through self-care is important because it allows you to invest in yourself, which studies have shown increases your happiness levels. For example, taking a bubble bath or doing yoga are both great ways to destress at the end of the week. Taking a nice warm bath can be one of the most relaxing things to do after a long week at work. Not only does it promote relaxation, but it also provides you with an opportunity to unwind physically. Bathing allows all your muscles to loosen up and promotes the release of tension in your body. Taking time to just be still and relax in the bath can help your body and mind recharge after a week of stress.

Create Something

Another way to destress at the end of the week is by creating something. Being creative can be a very freeing and stress-reducing experience, especially if you incorporate your favorite music into it. Try painting a picture, writing a poem, or knitting if you would like to try new activities. Creating something from scratch is fun because it allows you to express yourself freely and make something unique. This can be a great activity to start when you get home from work because it requires little effort and will provide you with stress relief for the rest of the evening.


Exercising is one of the most beneficial ways you can destress at the end of the week. This is because it promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellness. It is important to remember that even just 30 minutes of exercise per day will be beneficial for your health and body if you are not used to exercising on a regular basis. Going for a jog or taking a walk is an effective way to destress at the end of the week. It reduces tension and anxiety by increasing levels of serotonin in your brain. Exercise allows you to take time out of your day to focus on yourself and what you need. The physical benefits can also help with stress relief, which will allow you to feel better both physically and mentally.

The best way to destress after a long week is whatever works for you, however, these 10 activities are a good place to start. Doing one or more of these activities after a long, stressful work week will allow you better manage your stress in order to prevent you from feeling burnout and help leave you invigorated for the next work week.