Specializing In Autism, ADHD, and Pre-surgical Evaluations

The CPST Texas Story

A Passionate Foundation

In 2014, Dr. Rinella was working in a typical psychology practice.  She loved the work!  But she found that the process of getting patients on the schedule, seeing them for appointments, and producing the reports was so drawn out that it was causing problems for the patients.  Dr. Rinella was at her sister Melissa’s kitchen table lamenting about the situation; she had recently seen a weight loss surgery patient whose surgery was delayed by the long process and this deeply concerned her.  “There has got to be a better way to do this,” she insisted to Melissa, knowing that the practice she was in would not be open to change.  Melissa, who is gifted in organization and creating systems, started pointing out areas for improvement.  While their coffee got cold, these two sisters mapped out a bold idea for a new way to run a practice. 

In 2015, Dr. Rinella and Melissa took a brave leap and started Comprehensive Psychological Services of Texas.  They had a vision of a practice that was well run, produced timely results, and always put patient care above all.  For about two years, just the two of them ran their busy little practice.  Over the years, they have added clinicians and support staff, sharing and implementing their vision as the practice grew.  The practice is no longer just the sisters, but every person working in the practice embraces the vision and cares as deeply for patients as Dr. Rinella and Melissa. 

Founded On Excellence

When Dr. Rinella and Melissa Parle started the practice, they recognized that the lead time for many psychologists’ reports was up to 6 weeks. Time is valuable, especially for services such as medical clearances and evaluations for children in foster care. Identifying delays in treatment provoked them to develop ways of delivering high quality patient care with shorter turnaround times and without sacrificing thoroughness.

Since that time, the CPST Texas team has steadily grown towards success through collaboration between each other while upholding one goal: excellence!

What Sets CPST Texas Apart?

One of the greatest shortcomings of certain types of mental health care is the amount of time it takes to start receiving the necessary care due to the need for extensive evaluations and detailed reports. Many other practices require months to even get an evaluation appointment and then months to produce a report. At CPST Texas, we believe this is unacceptable. Instead, our practice has developed an innovative report creation process that our many providers can use. The quantity of our providers coupled with the quality of our reporting system is what allows us to offer what other practices cannot– excellent patient care and timely services. 

The CPST  Texas Promise

At CPST Texas, our patients are our first priority. We offer an extensive list of treatment options that are personalized around your areas of concern. In addition to providing respectful and thorough care, our therapists are available to address crisis situations through text – this allows our office to produce urgent reports in a timely manner.