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Pre-surgical Bariatric Evaluations

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Pre-surgical bariatric evaluations are an essential step to prepare for bariatric weight loss surgery. The purpose of a pre-surgical bariatric evaluation is to first ensure that you are mentally ready to undergo weight loss surgery since untreated mental health or behavioral issues can impede a successful recovery from weight loss surgery. Additionally, pre-surgical bariatric evaluations also help you to maximize the benefits of weight loss surgery.

Did You Know?

Despite the fact that many people see bariatric surgery as a magic cure for obesity, however this is not the case. Rather bariatric surgery is a tool that makes weight loss easier, but it must be used in coordination with certain lifestyle changes to obtain results. This widespread belief is one main reason why pre-surgical bariatric evaluations are required.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I need a pre-surgical bariatric evaluation?

If you are in the process of preparing for bariatric surgery, then your surgeon and insurance company will require you to undergo a pre-bariatric surgery evaluation. Most of the time, this evaluation will not prevent you from having bariatric surgery, unless there are severe mental health issues that have not been addressed. If you are preparing for bariatric surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michelle Rinella of CPST Texas today. 

What can I expect during a pre-surgical bariatric evaluation?

During your pre-surgical evaluation, Dr. Rinella will ask you about your reasons for seeking surgery, weight and diet history, current eating habits, social support system, and current or past psychiatric symptoms. She will also discuss your understanding of the surgery, as well as the lifestyle changes that are required after surgery in order to make sure that you have realistic expectations about what to expect while recovering. Beyond these standard discussion topics, your exact conversation will vary.

What happens after my pre-bariatric surgery evaluation?

After your evaluation, Dr. Rinella will compile a report that will be sent to your surgeon. This report will summarize your background and history, current and/or past psychiatric symptoms, psychological testing results, and an overall conclusion with recommendations from Dr. Rinella to your surgeon. Most patients are cleared for surgery, even when some concerns are present. However, serious concerns may need to be addressed prior to surgery in order to have the best treatment outcomes.