Substance Use Disorder

This is what we want to emphasize and share some critical information about us.  CPST Texas, one of the few places in the country where you can receive a comprehensive Mental Health / Substance Use Disorder Evaluation that is in network with most insurance plans. Many individuals have gone through multiple treatment programs without achieving […]

Substance Abuse Disorders

Substance abuse disorder is a challenging condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. From alcohol and tobacco to illicit drugs and prescription medications, substance abuse can have significant impacts on both physical and mental health. What Is Substance Abuse Disorder? Substance abuse disorder, also known as substance addiction, is a chronic, relapsing condition characterized by […]

Foster Care Evaluations

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CPST Texas has been providing psychological evaluation services to children and adolescents in foster care since 2013. Our goal is to conduct comprehensive evaluations and meaningful recommendations. To do so, compassion and respect must be shown to the child/adolescent and the clinicians at CPST Texas do just that. The establishment of positive rapport often leads […]

Pain Evaluations

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Psychological pain evaluations are performed on chronic pain patients in order to determine whether the cause of their pain is physical, psychological, or both. Identifying the source of an individual’s pain can provide insight into better treatment options that can break the cycle of constant pain. Certain treatments such as spinal cord stimulation and morphine […]

Pre-surgical Bariatric Evaluations

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Pre-surgical bariatric evaluations are an essential step to prepare for bariatric weight loss surgery. The purpose of a pre-surgical bariatric evaluation is to first ensure that you are mentally ready to undergo weight loss surgery since untreated mental health or behavioral issues can impede a successful recovery from weight loss surgery. Additionally, pre-surgical bariatric evaluations […]

Attention Deficit Evaluations

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder that impacts attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in individuals.  ADHD is primarily diagnosed during childhood; however, some cases may go undiagnosed until adulthood.  Did You Know? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as girls.   Frequently […]

Autism Evaluations

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Now Offering Virtual Evaluations ASD Evaluations for Ages 18mos – 5years Call 214-396-3960 An autism psychological evaluation is a type of mental health assessment used to determine whether a person has a neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These types of mental health assessments are conducted by a psychologist or psychiatrist, and may […]

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

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A comprehensive psychological evaluation is the first step to starting psychological treatment. During a psychological evaluation, you will meet with a psychologist to discuss concerns about your mental health. Your psychologist will observe your behaviors and discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing in order to make an educated judgment about what may be the […]